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Brief introduction of SKB18——

SKB18 is an online magazine that four friends and I established in 2006 in order to let our creative spirit keep glowing after graduating from college. All of us are editors. We take turns to publish our magazine on the 18th of every month. Each month’s editor will decide a theme and we create works by the theme. In order to separate our magazine form others, we choose the most common and cheapest media–ball point pen as our core material. We believe creativity should not be limited by technology and specific tools. Our content also includes interviews of creative people all over the world in a variety of different fields such as graphic design, architecture, art, illustraton, etc ) We also invite others to contribute their rendition of the magazine theme of the month. This part is the extraction of my works in the magazine. See how the little pen did in SKB18!

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Self portrait –I thus spoke

“Everthing I do always comes back to me”

—Stefan Sagmeister

There is a saying that no matter how great an artist can paint, when he draws a portrait, it will look like himself eventually.

Even the famous painting “Mona Lisa” does have Da Vinci’s self reflection in it.

Therefore, in order to create a realistic portrait, it’s better to draw a self-portrait.

The process of drawing self-portrait is the process of projecting one’s inner images outside.


Men and Women

Do you know that a pen has a gender?

Do you know the pen you use everyday is a male or a female?

There are some clues for you to make out the gender of your pens.

1. By sexual characteristics  / 2. By color impression  / 3. By the height of the heel

4. By the length of hairs  / 5. By the outfit

If those methods don’t work, I can just say:

Even humans are hard to distinguish their sexuality, let alone the pen!


Those have four limbs

Things seem to be perfect at the first sight but the truth is not like that.

We always see things in the way we want instead of it’s actural appearance.


Distance —  The distance between Manhattan and Taiwan

Distance is a numerical description of how far apart objects are.

In the point of view as a foreign student, the distance between Manhattan and Taiwan is close, but also really far.


My wishes

Wishes are a desire that people always want but they can’t always get; therefore, they always make.

My wishes are that people can realize their wishes as soon as possible.



Fly, sometimes it is because there is no way out.


Farewell — A Kiss Goodbye

Farewell can be one may not want to say goodbye mentally, but is physically necessary to do so.

A goodbye may be for a few hours or forever.

Although a kiss goodbye can happen just as sudden, it tells everything and infinitely more powerful.



Life is like a circus. Every minute, every day, every year, it shows fabulously without time and space limit.

Either gets around of applause bust out or steps down; all of the plays are hidden behind that red nose.

^^^The lover

^^^The elder

^^^The child

^^^The worker

^^^The marriage

^^^The politics

^^^The history

^^^The tragedy


Want to see more and downloadable version? Click here!


Go to SKB18 main site! Click here!



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